Swiss Biz for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

23rd November 2016

The Powerhouse started out as a small group of women from very different professional sectors coming together every few weeks to share skills, and to support each other as we set out to kick some professional Career and Life ass.

For some of us, that has involved starting our own businesses; for others it has involved re-entering the work force after a ‘Mutterpause’, or after being relocated to Zürich—either alone, or alongside a spouse.

For all of us, it has involved supporting each other professionally, collaborating, and having a lot of good laughs along the way!

Over the years, we’ve had a truck-load of requests to hear from the Powerhouse Core Team, to share some of our specific skill-sets and experiences as we’ve built our careers in Zürich.

So we’ve finally decided to do that!

Swiss Biz for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs


Susan“Inception, cash flow, and why a business plan is your new BFF.”

Susan Platt, a.k.a. Swiss Biz Chick, will deliver a short Swiss Small Biz Bootcamp, and talk about the ins and outs of setting up a small business in Switzerland.

Susan has a diversified professional background as a manager and business executive in a variety of fields such as entertainment, advertising, non-profit and law and has advised and assisted with many a Small Biz startup here in Switzerland over the past 20 years.

With a focus on Solopreneurs (i.e. Einzelfirma), you will learn from Susan what the possibilities and limitations are for a foreign national to start their own business in Switzerland, which type of legal entities you can choose from and what kind of financial effort their founding entails. She will also shed some light on important Business Admin requirements such as who is liable to pay VAT, provide accounting and cashflow tips, explain which insurances are compulsory and why a Business Plan is your new BFF.


Kate“Networking, building relationships and the impact of unconscious bias.”

Kate Hughes will talk about the transition from entrepreneur to intrapreneur and how the art of relationship building and networking is as critical to success within organisations as it is beyond the company you work for. She will also focus on unconscious bias and how that can impact being a successful intrapreneur.

Kate has over 20 years as a Human Resources professional and is currently the Group Head of Organizational Effectiveness & Employee Experience for Zurich Insurance. She has been living in Switzerland since 2008 where she established her own HR consulting business, Latitude Consulting, and then moved to a permanent role with Zurich Insurance as Group Head if D&I in 2014.

You will learn from Kate what is meant by unconscious bias and how it impacts our ability as women to be successful within organisations, in how we network, build relationships and navigate the companies we work for.

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