Rise of the Female Entrepreneur

27th November 2012

The Rise of The Female Entrepreneur

As a recent study reveals, today women aren’t only starting small businesses faster than men, but they’re also creating more jobs offering flextime, tuition reimbursement, profit sharing. And that is not only happening in the Western world, in Africa for example, female entrepreneurs are the driving factor of the continent’s fast-growing economies.

The Rise of The Female Entrepreneur in Sitzerland: Join an inspiring evening and discussion as three female entrepreneurs based in Zurich share their stories of finding independent paths in their careers, mastering the challenges, joys and set-backs of starting your own business – in general and in a new culture – from getting the first loan to getting the first client.

alix2Alix Abelé took benefit of the notoriety of her wedding blog launched 4 years ago, to set up and e-store selling paper lanterns and paper decorations for weddings, parties, and interior decoration. The goods are sourced in China, NYC and the UK, stocked in France and sold through the e-store, targeting mainly France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Unknown-1Jill Prewett In addition to being an author of crime fiction, Jill works as a language and cultural trainer, forms part of the Nuance Words project and is European correspondent for Words with JAM magazine.



Angela "Angie" WeinbergerAngela Weinberger has lived in Germany, Switzerland, UK, India, Australia and for the past 15 years has worked in Human Resources advising companies and individuals as a Global Mobility expert. Angie recently started her own company offering her global mobility expertise, executive coaching and intercultural training.

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