Welcome to the Powerhouse

The Powerhouse is a non-profit network for professional women, whether currently in the work force or not.

We’re all about enabling an open and collaborative skill-sharing culture. We aim to provide a space for professional women to connect … and to inspire others to take life by storm.

We hold three large events per year with inspirational speakers, as well as regular satellite Small Group meet-ups at various locations in and around Zürich.

We are powered by a small team of volunteers.





Our events are held three times per year, organized by our volunteer core team. We will happily incorporate requests for special topics, to kick-start conversations.


New regular event: PowerBreakfast!

Area 2 Small Group – Zürich city PowerBreakfast

8:30 to 10:00 every first Thursday of the month

This group aims at tackling entrepreneurial related topics where you can not only socialise, network, but also have or give input on how to do things in a different way and brainstorm together to find solutions to entrepreneurial issues.For more details, please contact Madalina or Mirkka directly or RSVP within the Powerhouse FB Group, section Events.

Next Powerhouse Event








Small Groups

At The Powerhouse, we love an opportunity to get together and support each other by offering professional skills, personal stories, practical advice and creative mind-melds. We encourage Powerhousers to start and run their own groups, and to stay in touch with Powerhouse HQ.

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