Your Are Talented! How Finding Your Turf Changes Everything.

26th November 2013

You are talented!

How finding your turf changes everything

Many women come into the workforce after graduation with high motivation, but low self-esteem. Often, we don’t know where our real talents lie; we are more focused on the skills we are lacking. We work hard to improve our skill-sets … but don’t necessarily get anywhere in our career.

This is where finding our own turf is a game-changer for women. When we focus on our strengths and grow our own way, we can meet personal and professional challenges head-on … no matter where in the world we happen to be working.

Michaela Christian Gartmann will focus on

• Finding your talents
• Growing your way
• Coping with backlashes
• Finding your turf
• Progressing professionally in Switzerland


Michaela Christian Gartmann

Michaela Christian Gartmann took over the Human Capital department of PwC Switzerland in December 2012 after having worked there since August 2008 as the Human Resources Leader for the tax department and the Talent Pillar Leader.

Michaela has more than 15 years of experience in Human Resource Management and is an expert in Talent Management, HR Transformation and Change Management. She believes in challenging junior female professionals to achieve more and find out where they are good at.

As a successful Swiss woman she wants to encourage more Swiss women to take charge of their careers and change the behaviors that hinders them from success.

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