Humanising Your Brand

22nd January 2015

personal_branding_Five-_SketchHumanising your brand
and engaging your audience through social media

An interactive evening for our women’s network, this time with Ashley Ringger and Rebecca Wheatley, focusing on human-centered communication, grounded in representing your authentic character and brand. Ashley and Rebecca will talk about defining and visualising your brand, as well as messaging, tone, and social media personae.

It will be an interactive evening, with an opportunity to see and experience branding experts in action with business and personal identities. Bring along your ideas and your questions, and get ready to talk communications!

Ashley Ringger

Ashley-RinggerSet Sails Media was founded in Zurich, Switzerland by Ashley Ringger in 2012, as a way to assist individuals, start-ups and small businesses with their social media marketing needs.

After moving to Switzerland in 2009, Ashley set her own sails to find a way to provide social media support for those businesses working with a limited budget. Her Master’s degree in psychology of human behavior from California State University, Fullerton, U.S.A. and over nine years marketing experience gives her the insight to what influences people the greatest.

Ashley’s organizational and interpersonal skills make her someone you can rely on. As a member of professional women’s groups in Zurich and American Psychological Association, Ashley remains active in her fields of expertise on both sides of the pond. In addition to social media, Ashley fills her free time with fitness, stand-up paddle boarding, writing and traveling.

Rebecca Wheatley

rebecca1Rebecca Wheatley is Founder of Five Brand Communication – working with teams in UK & Switzerland to build their brands from the inside by engaging employees in their creativity, connecting their personal and their brand’s identity and creating human-centered communication strategies. She also is co-founder of Impact Futures, a concept that brings together social impact organisations and corporate talent to create solutions through design thinking – developing local talent across DACH & the UK. Oh, and she loves writing, visual communication and Twitter.

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