Building Your Network

21st October 2014

Increasing self-awareness and impact for better networking

This Networking thing: what is it exactly? What does it mean? Why has it spread like an air-borne virus infecting events left, right and center – conferences, meetings, workshops, the list goes on.

An entire event genre has been named after it: ‘The Networking Event’. It’s even become a verb: ‘to Network’. Just imagine all those English language students sitting in class conjugating the verb: I network, you network, he networks, she networks, we network … the mind boggles..”

Join us for an interactive session on how we can improve our impact in networking.

Nia Joynson-Romanzina


** Nia’s Huffington Post Blog on Networking “Networking Cocktail, on the Rocks or Straight Up?”
from Wales, started her career with the European Commission and iNGOs working in socio-economic development. She then joined the United Nations FAO in Rome, where she entered the field of internet technology and communications.

Nia joined Swiss Re in 2008 and has been the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion since May 2010. In November 2014 Nia will join UBS again in the newly created role of Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion.

She holds a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Cardiff, an MSc in Development Management and an MA in Mass Communications from Leicester University. She is also a trained Executive Coach. In 2014 she started writing a blog for the Huffington Post on Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.

Nia also sits on a number of Boards: the Catalyst’s European Board, the Harvard Kennedy School’s Women Leadership Board, the ADVANCE women in Swiss Business Board, the EDGE Global Advisory Council, the WIN International Board of Advisors and the IMD Strategies for Leadership Advisory Board. She is also a guest lecturer at St.Gallen and Zurich Universities.

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