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Small Groups are smaller, more frequent meet-ups, between larger events. The idea is to share professional skills, stories and practical advice, to collaborate, and to kick-start ideas into action.

The groups meet at various intervals and in various locations across the city of Zurich (and beyond). You can see the general locations here on our map.

To keep an eye on what’s happening where, you can check the Powerhouse website, ‘like’ the Powerhouse Facebook page, or join the Powerhouse LinkedIn or Facebook Groups.

And if you’d like to come along to a Small Group, simply email the coordinator of your preferred Area (see emails below) so they know you are coming.

You don’t have to stick to your local area either. If you like the look of what’s going on on the other side of the city, feel free to come along.

To find out when and where the next small group meeting takes place, please sign up to our mailing list and join the Facebook Group.

Area 1

Rüschlikon / Adliswil / Thalwil / Horgen

Our group is as mixed as Zurich and a Powerhouse – naturally 😉

At our evenings we tend to have a some regulars mixed with always new faces. We meet roughly every four/six weeks and have begun using The Fork and Bottle in Brunau as our base camp.

We love to share our knowledge, skills and experience and interchange meetings with members offering an introduction or mini workshop in their field with get togethers of general support and connection and throwing out to the group what ever is your current question.

There are always gems of insight, helpful information and a sprinkling of light-heartedness.

Area 2

Central Zürich

The PowerBreakfast Small Group inspires you to be more successful in what you do, whether it is with running your business, starting a business, or how to lead your life. We enjoy each other’s company, expand our relationships, and learn new ways of doing things from a guest speaker. We also create business make-over’s by putting our experiences together and creating solutions.

We meet for breakfast from 8:30 to 10:00, every first Thursday of the month, in a central café around the main train station of Zürich.

 For more information email us or look on the Powerhouse Facebook Group, in the Events section.

Area 3

Fluntern / Hottingen / Dübendorf /Witikon / Örlikon / Höngg / Altestetten

Meets in the area of Rigiplatz (sometimes, but rarely Oerlikon) on Wednesday evenings at 7pm once a month for lively and warm discussions of various topics.

Area 4


We are a mixed group – some have been on a career break, raising kids, exploring ways to express our artistic side or being the trailing spouse, hoping to keep up our skills, get inspiration, and looking for the next chapter in our careers.

Events include a mix of external speakers, experts from within the group and pure social events.  It is a supportive group that welcomes anyone who wants to get involved in interesting and thought provoking discussions.

 We aim to meet every 8-10 weeks in the evening, usually at an external venue in the area.

Area 5



The Area 5 group attracts people from all along the far end of Gold Coast, from Rapperswill to Herrliberg.

We meet every 6-8 weeks in the evening, usually on a Wednesday. The group has grown so big recently that we usually have to meet in an outside venue. The current favourite is the Fumagalli Restaurant in Uetikon. The group is a fantastic mix of women: some working full-time, some part-time, in big business or going solo as an entrepreneur.

There are also women who aren’t currently working, but who are interested in discussing topics connected to the workplace, and those who are looking to make the move back into employment.

Events include a mix of external speakers, experts from within the group and pure social events. It is a supportive, lively group that welcomes anyone who wants to get involved and join the discussions of all things work, self and family related!

Meet the Small Group Coordinators

Kaye Llewelyn

Area 1 Coordinator

Heather Tollerton

Area 4 Coordinator


Madalina Magnusson

Madalina Magnusson
Area 2 Coordinator

Gillian Hamilton


Area 5 Coordinator

Mirkka Schaller

Area 2 Coordinator

Sophie Frey


Area 5 Coordinator

Myrto Zehnder

Area 3 Coordinator

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