How to Win Corporate as Your First Customer

25th January 2018

For many startups, winning a corporate could offer a big opportunity: A big name, a first customer, or even substantial revenues or growth.

On the other hand, it may be more challenging and time consuming to win a big customer than a small one.

In this event, Penny Schiffer (who currently works with Swisscom) will share some of the learnings on what it takes to work with a corporate.

  • How to approach a corporate with your solution / service
  • Examples of successful and challenging collaboration projects
  • Learnings and open discussion about startup / corporate collaboration

About Penny Schiffer

Penny Schiffer joined Swisscom in 2008 and is responsible for Swisscom´s startup engagement and Pirates Hub co-working space.

With her team, she scouts startup technology for Swisscom´s core business and growth areas, e.g. advertisement tech, cloud services or AI.

She has been working for over seven years as an advisor and mentor to tech start-ups and sits on various juries, such as Venture Kick, ESA BIC Incubator and CTI Invest.

Penny has been to Silicon Valley as a trend scout several times in order to source innovations for Swisscom. She is passionate about helping high tech start-ups thrive.